Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indian Summer

Indian Summer
Oil on Linen

These past few days have been our Indian Summer in Chicago. It was short-lived, but oh-so-sweet while it lasted. Indian Summer is when there is one last span of warmer weather before real autumn begins. The sun was out. The air was balmy. And the colors of the landscape were glorious.

In that short window of time, my brother was able to sail his boat five hours away to where it gets hauled out of the water and put in dry dock for the winter. Last Sunday was Pumpkin Day at the Goodwin farm. That's when friends and family get together for a day of picking pumpkins and going on hay rides. It couldn't have been a more perfect day.

Indian Summer is a gift. The memories can keep us warm all through the winter.


willow said...

It's been quite balmy here in Central Ohio, as well. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous, as is your lovely painting!

William Weith said...

What a beautiful & luminous image you've created! I remember Indian Summer well. I grew up in Chicago, and lived for a time in Lombard. Indian Summer was one last joyous blast of nature before the ice and snow set in. Sounds like you know how to make the most of it! -W

Anonymous said...

This paintng is glowing very nice

Marion said...

I love your painting. It personifies Indian Summer so beautiuflly! Our Indian Summer here in Louisiana comes and goes all throughout fall. It was 89 degrees yesterday and now it's around 60 degrees. It's my favorite time of year, though, because of the amazing light. Blessings!!

Anonymous said...

the painting and the words just as beautiful as each other. the way you describe an Indian summer and pumpkin day are just wonderful. r.

Jill Berry said...

Wow Janelle!
This painting looks like it could keep one warm all winter.
It seems backlit, like stain-glass.
Thanks for sharing your famly tradition.
I had the pleasure of some fall color in N GA. last week with the fam.
Cool little shop you set up over on e-bay!!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Willow, Thanks so much for visiting!

Hi William, Small world, isn't it? You lived in Lombard? That's right next door. Thanks so much!

Hi Joe, Thanks. I'm always checking in on your tonalist paintings too.

Hi Marion, The light is amazing at this time of year! Thanks for visiting and blessings to you too!

Hi Rahina, Thanks so much. Now I need to see what you've been up to!

Hi Jill, Nice that you got to visit with family in Georgia. Thanks so much for commenting that the painting looks like stained glass (that's my intent)!

Hi Rahina,

neetzy said...

I love Indian summer. I love your painting. I forced myself to get out and paint plein air today - just for the full experience of it. I've been sick and its been raining, but I felt I had to just get out there. I started with pastels, then said "what the heck? I'll paint a little painting. It's more of a sketch than a paint, but I showed up. It was really loose and wet on wet so maybe I'll post it when it dries a little.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Neetzy, I'm so glad you're starting to feel better. That flu stuff is nasty. It's been raining here a lot too. I can't wait to see your painting, so please do post it!

Celeste Bergin said...

You'll forgive me...Illinois never looked as pretty as your paintings! lol
This is another really appealing scene. Keep them coming, Janelle!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Indian summer, what a great time of year. Our weather here is very similar to Chicago abd has been beautiful lately. This is another beautiful image in your series. Good luck with ebay. It can be quite difficult to get noticed in such a sea of art. Your work is unique and so may do well.