Saturday, July 16, 2011

Busy July, Oh My

Lily Dance
Oil on Canvas Panel

I painted Lily Dance three years ago before becoming completely immersed in the Tonalist style.  Every time I go to the Art Institute of Chicago, the first thing I do is go to the Claude Monet paintings.  Viewing his originals is like stepping into a wonderful dream world.  The viewer comes away feeling nurtured and refreshed.

Feeling so inspired, I felt compelled to paint water lilies.  This painting is one of six water lilies that I painted that year.  I thought it was sweet that the buyer's daughter is also named Lily.

July has been filled with so many things to do for us - weddings, graduations, sailing and get-togethers.  I hope your July is a busy, happy one too!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Stillness

Summer Stillness
Cradled Panel

My favorite time of day to be outside in July is early evening.  When the sun starts going down, it's a great time to go for a long walk and enjoy the outdoors.  It's when the fireflies make an appearance and we experience the magic hours.

Summer can be a time of intense activity and social gatherings.  It has been that way for me this summer.  That's why I try to make time to be alone in nature, just observing all the beauty around me.

Meaning, moods, the whole scale of our inner experience, finds in nature "the correspondences" through which we may know our boundless selves.

- Kathleen Raine