Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm New to eBay

It seems so many bloggers are going through changes this year, in many ways, shapes and forms. I've been going through many changes of my own. Kind of like a whirlwind. That's what it feels like, anyway.

After much back and forth and soul searching, I've decided to take the plunge and open an eBay store. I want my work to go out into the world and I decided that it will reach the maximum amount of viewers. After all, buying art is a very personal thing. Each painting may or may not speak to a particular viewer depending on that person.

And I want my art to be truly affordable. It's not the right route for every artist, but I it just feels right for me.


Celeste Bergin said...

cool Janelle! I understand eBay is tough--because there are zillions of artists participating and it has created a glut. However...some people are super successful there and your paintings are beautiful so you have every reason to succeed. Let us all know how your experience is!

Anonymous said...

Janelle, I wish you the best of luck with your new venture. I'm sure your lovely paintings will appeal to a wide audience.

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Janelle,
I think this is a great step, your art should be seen by many and bought by someone who will enjoy seeing it hanging in their home or office every day - and e-Bay will give people all over the world a chance to see and appreciate your wonderful artwork. Best of luck with this, I hope you'll write about it as you sell paintings and tell us how it's going.
This painting is gorgeous and you even will sell it framed?

neetzy said...

Good luck Janelle! I'm sure many people would love to have your art hanging in their homes. Yay to you for keeping the prices low! I'll have to check out the site.

Karen said...

Janelle, the store looks great, and I hugely applaud your doing is another commitment of time! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this as you go along too...the pros and the cons you find.

Anonymous said...

i have also considered ebay but have backed out until i am ready. i think it is wonderful that you are doing this: there are many respected artists like yourself who sell on ebay very successfully. wishing you all the best with this. and love the new piece too. r.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Janelle!

Here's wishing you much success there. I like how you speak about going through change. It's natural. You have to do what feels right for you. I'm glad more people will be able to see your work and fall in love with it...then buy it! :)

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Celeste, Thanks so much! I've been thinking this over for quite a while and am kind of jumping in with both feet. I'm going to give it at least six months and I'll definitely let you know how it goes.

Hi Maggie, Looks like we're both starting new ventures:) Let us know how your new tea shoppe and gallery goes. It's so very charming!

Hi Karen, I really appreciate your encouragement! I'm rather carless (without a car) this year so I thought it would be a good time to do this. I admire the fact that you're involved with exhibitions and the plein air group. That's cool!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Joan, Thanks for your kind comments! Yes, I'm initially selling my work framed, as I want to offer enticement to buy. And of course, I need to establish my ratings because of the newness of my store. By the way, I'm anticipating seeing your new studio space and am green with envy!

Hi Neetzy, I so appreciate your feedback. So far I've only got toes in the water and need to jump in up to my neck!

Hi Rahina, Yes, I need to study those successful artists on eBay more carefully. They must also be wise with their marketing strategies and I have much to learn. Thanks so much!

Hi Kathleen, Thanks so much for your good wishes! It means a lot to me!!!

Linda Schweitzer said...

I wish you luck with your eBay store Janelle. People who start eBay say they get more hits, but not necessarily more sales. However, your work is so appealing, I bet you will succeed with it.

Anonymous said...

Nice painting good luck with ebay you should do well.
I have sold a number of paintings on there in the past and just started selling again on ebay they seem to have changed it a lot since the begining of this year.
I used to get 100 - 300 hits per listing but I seem to only be getting about 18 maybe I lost my collector base since I did not paint for awhile.
Happy sales

Karen F. Rose said...

Janelle, good luck with your new Ebay store.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I'm off to visit yours!

Hi Wodjo, Nice to know you had success selling on eBay. Your work is so beautiful. Hope you don't mind if I come to you for advice. Thanks!

Hi Karen, Now that class is over, we really do need to keep in touch. Thanks!

Jala Pfaff said...

I'll be very curious to read about it, if you feel like blogging in the future about how that's going.

Nice work here, as always!

Kraev said...

Hi ebay is not that hard to work with,anyway for any questions follow my blog