Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unexpected Artist's Date on Navy Pier

Yesterday I was planning to paint.  I had cleared my calendar and gotten chores out of the way for a blissful day of working in the studio.  But you know what they say about the best laid plans.  My daughter is running in the Chicago Half Marathon this Sunday.  One of the requirements is to pick up your shirt and running number at Navy Pier on the Friday before the Marathon.  She didn't feel like going by herself, so she talked me into going with her.

It was a beautiful fall day.  We had lunch on Navy Pier, picked up her things, and then I spied the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows near the end of the pier!  What an unexpected beautiful experience.  These images are some of windows produced by Tiffany.

If you ever get to Chicago, try to visit this exquisite jewel of a museum.  And the best part is that it's free!

Photography by Jessica M. Goodwin


Anonymous said...

well it was a constructive day after all:) those colours are just lushious in the stained glass and i'm sure are going to be a source of inspiration. r.

Betsy said...

Sounds like a fun day, even if it wasn't what you had planned! Our church has a real Tiffany window that was just refurbished. It's amazing. I should do a blog post on it. This museum sounds wonderful!

Jill Berry said...

Stained-glass is so inspiring!
Thanks for sharing.

Sure doesn't look like what we would but on a pier around here. Piers are the first casualties of hurricanes.

Marian Fortunati said...

Absolutely beautifully delicate colors... WOW... Thank you for sharing your unexpected treasure trove!!

neetzy said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful windows! I am inspired just by seeing the photos. I have never been to Chicago (except O'Hare). My nephew and cousin lives there. I will have to see this place!

FireLight said...

I do so love stained glass windows. How delightful to find these gorgeous images here. It seems you have certainly redeeemed your day. Artist's date? Do I detect a Julia Cameron fan?

Please note I have invited you to join in on a meme over at The Keeping Room. Take your time on it and enjoy.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Janelle!

Oh you know how much I love this!!! Thanks for sharing. It is one of my goals to come back to Chicago and visit this museum. Dan & I are planning a trip where we can visit a number of things around the city I never got to see when I was growing up in Illinois.

These windows are timeless in their beauty. I'm sure I'll stand in awe of them and the curator will have to tell me I need to leave because the museum is closing. :D

Thank you again.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Rahina - Yes, it turned out to be so much fun. My imagination is swimming with colors!

Betsy - I would love to read/see a blog post on your church's Tiffany window. Yes, do!

Jill - I try to imagine this pier during WWII when the gigantic vessels were docked along side. Now, it's a happy tourist area!

Marian - You're right about the colors, they're so subtle that one needs to stare into the glass to appreciate them.

Firelight - Yes, I'm a Julia Cameron fan. She knows the soul of the artist, don't you think? A meme? Sounds like fun!

Kathleen - I thought of you the whole time I was at the museum!!! The stained glass effect has stayed with me for days. Yes, do plan that trip!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Wow, those colours! I am absolutely seduced by stained glass windows anywhere - but I never managed to take photos as good as this Janelle!