Sunday, September 6, 2009


oil on linen

Here is my latest large painting done in Tonalist style.  It was completed about five weeks ago and since then I've put it in a black frame.  I think the black sets it off nicely.  

The thing I've noticed about paintings done in this style is that they seem to glow on the walls.  Unlike some of my Impressionist work, one notices the many layers of opaque paint, translucent paint and transparent passages.  I've fallen head over heels in love with this style.  Although the learning curve has been extremely steep for me, I think it's been worth the many months of study.  

Very soon my new on-line class starts with Deborah Paris.  It's called Magic Hours.  I'm so grateful to her for showing the way.


willow said...

It's gorgeous, Janelle. You've captured that magical golden tone that sums up autumn.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

I do love the glow of these Janelle. They convey such warmth.

Karen said...

It is beautiful Janelle. It's so hard to go through that learning curve stuff, but really is worth it. I look forward to seeing your new work with Deborah, too!

neetzy said...

Excellent Janelle,

I do like the black frame. It certainly seems to glow from this view! I think every time we approach painting in a new and different way we learn something. My newest exploration is sort of like impressionism on speed. Not that I'm painting fast, but I am caking on lots of layers, but letting the underlayers (several of them) show through. I don't know what else to call it. I do love your tonalism. I might have to try one of these online classes sometime.

Anonymous said...

Janelle having looked through your blog i am very impressed with your painting style and colours. and these tonal paintings have such a wonderful atmosphere about them. glad to have found your blog so will be back:) r.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Willow - Thanks - Love your autumn inspired poetry!

Kathleen - Your recent work reminds me of the glow of autumn too!

Karen - I've been preparing for class like a good student :). Hope it will be slightly easier this time around!

Neetzy - Impressionism on speed - You're hilarious. I think your recent painting is so serene and beautiful!

Rahina - Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Wow..very stunning picture. Almost iridescent. It must be very dramatic to see on a wall in a room. The hard work and learning process have certainly paid off!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Yes, there is a beautiful glow to them Janelle and I'm so glad you have found an approach which is really enthusing you. I always think we do our best work in that situation. By the way, so sorry to hear about Lucy. I have not visited your blog in a while and I just read it. She looks like she was a great dog!