Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kindred Spirits

The Magic Hour
Oil on Linen

My painting "The Magic Hour" sold last weekend.  I have several paintings in a new gallery in Forest Park, Illinois, not far from Chicago.  The owner told me that foot traffic had not been good this summer.  Maybe because of the economy, heat, or other factors.

Suddenly this painting was bought by someone who just had to have it.  Which leaves me wondering ... what is it about certain paintings that compel people to buy them?

I have certainly purchased my share of paintings over the years.  Usually there is something about it that I relate to very strongly.  I just have to have it.  I guess what I'm wondering is what that certain something is about my own paintings.  Are your collectors really kindred spirits?


Brad Miedema said...

Its beautiful Janelle!

Betsy said...

Well, congratulations! How exciting...and it is lovely. I'm not surprised at all that it sold!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the sale Janelle! as for what captures buyers, it is possible that they are kindred spirits or that your paintings do touch the spirit!

Diana Marshall said...

That is an interesting question you pose, I think that maybe a painting may evoke an emotion or a memory or just delights the eye to the purchaser.

Caroline said...

Janelle this is such a beautiful painting congratulations on the sale. We express in paint the works from the imagination of our buyers.

Zuzana said...

I am so not surprised it sold, I would buy it too.;) Your paintings have an aura of serenity over them.;) So congratulation.;))
I guess a painting speaks to us. It can be something in the colours or shapes or the subjects depicted. If I could, I would buy The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. Never have a painting spoken to me more than this one, there is something so infinitely sensual and endearing and so familiar and exciting in it. So, I guess I better win those millions.;)
Have a lovely week,

Susan said...

Congratulations, Janelle! Beautiful painting.

Celeste Bergin said...

I like a lot what Zuzana wrote--I, too, would buy "the kiss"--when I first saw it (in print) it too my breath away! Whoever bought your painting likes the warmth of it--the promise of a dream

Doug Runyan said...

Always good to sell a painting. Congrats! When I select a painting subject there is usually something indescribable that draws me to it -- shapes, light, color, atmosphere, it's not always the same thing. The same indescribable feeling sometimes comes over me when I look at other artist's paintings. Those are the ones I want to buy.

Anita Johnson said...

It has been too long since I stopped by to see your paintings...beautful! I love the lack of details, it reminds me of my memories of what I see...the over all feeling of the place and time. And I love that warm light, the golden hour where I feel the need to grab my camera and head outside because I know how fleeting the light is. Your work is stunning.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Brad, And thank you!

Hi Betsy, Thank you. Maybe you should sell some of your lovely drawings!

Hi Rahina, Wonderful food for thought - Thank you!

Hi Diana, Thank you for your lovely comment!

Hi Caroline, Thank you and I think I need to write that down.

Hi Zuzana, Ah yes, The Kiss. One year I had a calendar of Klimt's paintings. So very intriguing. Thank you!

Hi Susan, Thank you so much!

Hi Celeste, The promise of a dream...I like that. Thank you!

Hi Doug, Yes, I think it is an indescribable feeling as to what touches us to buy a painting. Thanks!

Hi Anita, Thank you and I find your photography to be stunning as well.

Patrice Erickson said...

Congratulations! I bet the buyer returns to acquire another of your pieces in the future!

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Great food for thought, lovely painting. I do feel a special kinship with my collectors. It might be vanity on my part? But I've also bought paintings that I just had to have no questions asked--and I feel a kinship to those artists too. I think it's a life long connection that is very special and unique to art.