Thursday, April 21, 2011

Studio is Finally Organized

Whew, it took a while to get my downstairs studio organized.  I wrote about it back in October here.  After painting in pastels, then switching to oils, there were so many art supplies, etc. accumulated, that some serious reorganization was in order.  I can finally put my hands on any painting or any thing at any time.  The only thing out of place is the Scrabble game on the wicker bench.  I need to know where to find that at any time too!

I ordered another painting trolley.  The painting at the far right isn't mine.  It's a collaborative effort of different people who were over at the house one night.  They all thought it would be fun to try painting and this is the result.

Now that I feel organized, I can finally concentrate on the important stuff.  Painting!

P.S.  The Space Rover trolly can be found at ASW Express.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Wow Janelle, what a wonderful studio space and so serene and inviting. Congratulations on all the hard work you put into creating this newly organized space. The reward of that effort truly shows! You are inspiring me to do the same with my space. :)

Betsy said...

How wonderful! It looks so organized and inspiring!

Pam Holnback said...

Would you like to come over and help me? Now, I'm motivated!

Judith Reidy said...


Anonymous said...

It looks very organised and your photos have a glow about them just like your paintings!!!!! It looks likes a great space.

Brad Miedema said...

Nice space Janelle! Looks like you have alot of space! I have to clean up my space and get organized. Very inspiring. I like the rack space too.

SamArtDog said...

As soon as inspiration overcomes guilt, I'll take on a corner... 8 )
Hey, maybe a painting trolley will get stuff off of the floor. What a concept! Where do you get them?

Caroline said...

Looks wonderful Janelle, you will be keen to get working now there is such a great feeling of tidiness and harmony. I am also interested to know more about the trolley it looks a great way to get a good amount of canvases into storage.

Double "D" said...

Great ambiance. Looks soothing and peaceful, plus you're a great decorator.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Aaaaah, it's always so nice to work in a freshly clean and organized studio, yay!!!

Ricardo Miñana said...

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you have a nice week.

Tim Robinson said...

Excellent looking working space.

Betsy said...

happy mother's day to you, dear janelle! xo

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Kathleen, I threw out tons of old materials, and donated some others to an art league. It felt good!

Hi Betsy, I know you're a very organized person, so you inspired me to toss when I read about de-cluttering in one of your posts:)

Hi Pam, Sorry, I'm too worn out!

Hi Judith, Thanks you!

Hi Maggie, I think that glow is from the incandescent lamps and lack of sunlight in the basement:)

Hi Brad, Those racks finally got my paintings off the floor!

Hi Sam, You ask the best questions. Will you be my editor?

Hi Caroline, I bought the trolleys at ASW Express. I'm lucky my husband put them together, as they were a pain.

Hi Doug, Aw, thank you.

Hi Diane, Yes it is, whew!

Hi Ricardo, Yes, I do like poetry so I will follow your blog. Thank you.

Hi Tim, Thanks!

Hi Betsy, Thank you and I hope your Mother's Day was a beautiful one!