Friday, April 8, 2011

April Inspiration

Time for another artist's date.  My husband and I went to Starved Rock State Park last week and stayed in a log cabin for three nights.  Most people think of Illinois as completely flat.  This area is one of rolling hills and canyons and waterfalls.  It was carved out by the glaciers 116 thousand years ago and people come from all over to witness the incredible beauty.

 We walked for miles on the trails throughout the park.  The above photo is Council Bluff.  Of course the photo doesn't do it justice because in reality it resembles a cathedral in the woods.  Legend has it that here is where the Native Americans would come together for community and ceremony.
 I didn't notice the rainbow at the time I took this picture.  Indeed these woods are magical.
Here is one of 18 canyons in the park.  My husband and I have come here in the winter when the waterfalls are actually ice falls.  It's hard to say which time of year is more beautiful.

Trips like this inspire my soul.  There is nothing like being out in nature.

Update:  Sam asked why this place is called Starved Rock.  According to Native American tradition, some Peoria Indians who came under attack by a war party of Potowanami Indians suffered starvation when trapped on a rock without food or water.  You can check out the history of the park here.


Celeste Bergin said...

Love this post especially, Janelle! I grew up in Illinois and sometimes we went to Starved Rock (I still love the name). I have a treasure, a photo of me wearing an indian headress and sarape in front of the rock. I think someone at the park made money that way back in the 50's. Of course, being a little kid...I LOVVVED that feather headdress. Remarkable photos ...the rainbow is definitely a great surprise!

Carol Lee Beckx said...

A wonderful place to recharge your creative spirit.

Terresa said...

Beautiful pictures, a cathedral in the woods...sounds like my kind of place. And I agree, there's nothing like being out in nature.

Thanks for visiting my blog, stop by anytime for a chocolate chip waffle!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Beautiful place! And lucky you for going on an artist's date. I hope you took lots of photos for future reference. And you are right, there is nothing like nature to feed the soul and mind.

Anita Johnson said...

I went to Starved Rock and neighboring Matthiessen State Park a few years ago with all the girls in my family...I couldn't get over the beauty there! I too, love being out in nature.

susan hong-sammons said...

Dear J,
thanks for sharing your wonderful escape. so great to get back to your blog. You've been busy. Beautiful beautiful works!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your kind wishes in the previous post comments box... the feelings are reciprocated:) great post, love the pics...
i am on travels also and like you it is all material for future art.

Caroline said...

What a lovely location Janelle, it has lots of magical light in those rocks too. I second what Carol writes here and hope your creative spirit is now recharged.

Kristin H said...

what gorgeous canyons

Anonymous said...

Hi Janelle!

Yes, most definitely this is very inspirational. There truly are some beautiful spots in Illinois with the rolling hills and the scenes you've shared here too. Thanks!

~ Kathleen Krucoff

Betsy said...

And look how cute you are! :)

Wow..that is a gorgeous place! I wish I could hear that water!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Celeste, Oh, I would love to see that photo! What kid wouldn't love having their picture taken with a feather headdress. You do have a great memory!

Hi Carol, Yes, we all need to be in nature to recharge our creative spirit!

Hi Terresa, I'm so glad to have discovered your blog!
Thanks for visiting mine.

Hi Catherine, Yes, lots of photos were taken. Hopefully, I can translate them in paint:)

Hi Anita, I can just imagine your amazing photography at such a place. I'm glad you have good memories too!

Hi Susan, I'm hoping to spend more time in front of the easel soon. Lately the time has been spent reorganizing my basement studio. I can't believe how much stuff I've accumulated over the years!

Hi Rahina, I can't wait to see your future paintings from your travels!

Hi Caroline, Sometimes I wish I could go to Scotland to be inspired. Maybe someday:)

Hi Kristin, Thanks for visiting!

Hi Kathleen, I bet you could get some inspiration from those canyons for your beautiful jewelry!

Hi Betsy, Actually we took a video of the waterfall. If I can only figure out how to open it from my camera, maybe I'll post it so we can hear the water!

SamArtDog said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. Starved Rock (what's the story of the name?) is quite a beautiful spot. Obviously one that's been recognized for its magic before. The canyon looks like limestone. Is it?

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Sam, Thanks for asking about the name. I did little digging and might add the explanation to this post. According to Native American tradition, some Peoria Indians who came under attack by a war party of Potowanami Indians suffered starvation when trapped on a rock without food or water. The rock is sandstone. In fact we saw sand at the bottom of some of the canyons where it had worn away.

Don Gray said...

Nice photos that bring back good memories, Janelle. I visited Starved Rock a couple of times while painting a mural in Ottawa a few years back. A magical place.