Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A few months ago, my brother was over and showed me this photo on his iPhone. He told me it was a painting by a fantastic new artist, and wasn't it cool? I looked at it and agreed. Now there was something different in the abstract art world. Almost like a Pollack painting.

He laughed when I said that. It's the panel from your french easel! That's where I lay my wet brushes as I'm painting. I never noticed it before. But in a different context it looks completely different. It makes me wonder if we create art without even knowing it!


willow said...

It's wonderful!! Funny you didn't recognize it.

Caroline said...

I was completely taken in by your tale about the new abstract artist! It just shows you, you are making art without even knowing it!

loriann said...

What beautiful color mixes you have made....and then laid them side by side. Wild that you did not recognize it till told. How funny "context" can be.

Betsy said...

Oh my goodness! That is so funny! It is beautiful...and you painted it! :)

SamArtDog said...

Such a painting, clever girl. Clever brother.

For a while I saved the empty cardboard innards from paper towels and used them to wipe off my brushes. They looked like strange totem poles.

rahina q.h. said...

funny you should say that: when i looked at it, i thought it looked like my palette! thank you for making me smile (i'm sorry but i don't understand Pollock or abstracts much)

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Very cool. It has a tranquil effect. Creating art without even knowing it. Love that. So great that your brother took the photo and waited for your reaction!!!

Joan Breckwoldt said...

I think you do create without even knowing it! Great post.

neetzy said...

Love it. Sometimes the best art is in the unexpected. You obviously have a wonderful palette!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Your brother has a great sense of humor! You certainly had me going! I guess the saying is can be anywhere.

Pia N said...

it is cool. nice story, and i cool brother you got.

Zuzana said...

Beautiful post; so true. What a keen eye he has as well, as to have seen the beauty in a random collection of colours on an easel.;)
Your painting style is amazing.
Thank you for your kind visit and a lovely comment too.;)
Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Jill Berry said...

hey Janelle!
I didn't recognize that as ~your work~ 'cause your colors are usually warmer.
(interesting post!)

Previously, I enjoyed seeing your charming house. So you're moving to the country now! I know you'll enjoy it after the transition. Don't work too hard.

Anita Stoll said...

Very interesting post. Makes one ponder. I love happy accidents that naturally occur in the process of paintings in fact, I look for them all the time when I'm painting. Very fine work(s)

Celeste Bergin said...

it truly is a pretty piece! I guess we can't help but love paint in all forms. Many representational artists wind up as abstract artists..maybe you will! I also like abstract art quite a lot. I would hang that on my wall! lol.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Willow, Yes, he got me - ha!

Hi Caroline, Makes me wonder about other ways we might be creating art without even knowing it!

Hi Loriann, Context changes it all, right?

Hi Betsy, Yes, I guess I did "paint" it!

Hi Sam, He's clever, yes. You know how brothers always love to tease their sisters. If you still have your totem poles, I'd love to see them!

Hi Rahina, I don't know much about abstract art either. But my daughter is an art history major, so she introduced so much to me. At least you recognized it!

Hi Joan, Yes, so true!

Hi Kathleen, Funny, it does have a tranquil effect, yes!

Hi Neetzy, Kind of like happy accidents, ha!

Hi Catherine, Yes, he does have a great sense of humor. Always keeps me laughing.

Hi Pia, Yes, he's pretty cool, but we won't let that go to his head!

Hi Zuzana, Actually he's a chief Creative Director at a major ad agency. Guess he's got the eye.

Hi Jill, I'm looking forward to the change (not the work, ha!)

Hi Anita, Yes, happy accidents. I wish there were more of them!

Hi Celeste, Funny, it doesn't look that bad, ha!