Thursday, June 24, 2010


Oil on Linen

This painting has been keeping me company at my easel for the last two weeks.  I listen to music while painting and if there are others around, I close the french doors to my studio.  I love painting in my own little world.  In fact, I need to be alone when I paint and find it difficult to concentrate when there are others around.  But that's just me.

When my kids were young,  I didn't have the luxury of solitude while painting.  Even if they were at school, I always answered the phone.  What if it were the school nurse or something else popped up concerning the kids?  Now that they're adults (and my son no longer lives at home), I have the peace required to create.  I envy other people who can multi-task.  Some people can write, read or paint no matter what is going on around them.  

Are you one of those people or do you need solitude?


loriann said...

Janelle, this painting is stunning. WOW! What a wonderful feeling you have created. Right now, what is your color palette of choice?

As for your question, I definitely prefer solitude.

willow said...

Yes, I most definitely need solitude to create. Like you, I now have some space of my own to do just that!

I adore those magical ambers!

Manon Doyle said...

Another gorgeous painting!! I like solitude also when I paint. I've been in Canada with my parents and it's hard to get anything done when they're around.

jeannette said...

Beautiful as always, Janelle! I like both, sometimes alone, and sometimes with people.

Marion said...

Janelle, your paintings always take my breath away. I love the way you capture light. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us. Blessings!

Caroline said...

Janelle this is a very beautiful painting. The light in the evening sky and the warm reflection in the water are so peaceful to gaze upon. A good size canvas too. It must be really something to see in reality.

I do need solitude to paint.

Marian Fortunati said...

I certainly get a lot more done when I'm alone.

Love the tonality of this... Very nice, Janelle!!

neetzy said...

I love that your amazing paintings are getting larger and more powerful! I always love to visit your blog. I do need solitude. I still have children at home. My oldest is going off to Art school in the fall. I have a little Amish shed for a studio at the moment. It is very cramped and now infested with ants. I've been a little hesitant to paint there lately. I have to do some extermination! I just posted one of my winter paintings. I've been so busy with college preparation stuff, I've been neglecting my painting. I am almost ready to go back to the studio.

susan hong-sammons said...

your paintings bring me into that luxury of solitude and peace. This is another example of strength and beauty mingled into a gorgeous piece of art.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

OOh, I'm with you on that Janelle! But I've always been a bit of loner in all respects... so, it's no surprise my best creations are made alone in my studio!! I see some sharper edges in the treelines there in this painting, I like those.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Loriann, Thank you! The palette for this painting is a little different because in the sky I used indianthrone blue, alizarin, brown pink and white mixture to make a grey. Also for the sun I used cad yellow/white.

Hi Willow, Ah, space of one's own is so nice, isn't it? Thank you!

Hi Manon, I hope you had a wonderful time visiting your parents in Canada. I know when my daughter
is around all we do is talk, talk, talk. Thank you!

Hi Jeanette, Thank you! I love visiting your blog because there is always food for thought!

Hi Marion, You're such a dear. Thanks and blessings to you too!

Hi Caroline, I need peace to create peaceful paintings. Thanks so much!

Hi Marion, I've seen some of the great workshops you've attended, so I know you paint with others around. But solitude is preferred, right? Thanks so much!

Hi Neetzy, Yes, I'm finally comfortable painting larger. In fact, now it's hard to paint small, ha! The college preparation stuff can be time consuming, I remember that. But after my kids' first year, they handled everything (good thing). I saw your seals painting and thought it was wonderful! Thanks!

Hi Susan, I still plan on going to Oak Park to see your work. Maybe next week. Thanks so much!

Hi Diane, Your recent florals have been stunning! And I love how you pair them with fabric, which gives a classic feel. Thank you!

Karen said...

Multi-tasking hurts my brain and makes me feel ill-at-ease in the world...and it never seems to help me get anything done more efficiently either!!

So this painting is the proof of how beautiful solitude can be!

Enjoy your indulgences while the fishing trip is going on! :)

neetzy said...

Ooh I love this one! Very spiritual. Your painting would be a great focal point for meditation. I understand your need for solitude. My kids are teenagers so at least I can leave them alone in the house. I only have a little "shed" but it is my shed!

Caroline Bray Art said...

Wow, I am blown away by the sense of light in your paintings - it's almost ethereal and is certainly stunning. I'm delighted to have found your blog and hope that I can learn from you.

As for solitude, yes, I need it! But that comes from being shy too, I don't like people being around to watch me paint.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Neetzy, I think you've been doing some great work in your shed. Thank you!

Hi Caroline, Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome! Now I need to visit yours!