Monday, May 20, 2013

Warm or Cold Weather

Evening Landscape
Oil on Cradled Panel

This time of year I enjoy the cool of the evening.  Today reached into the low nineties.  My seasonal clothes are stored in my mother's cedar chest, which I inherited from her.  Out came the shorts, sleeveless tees and sandals.  I said farewell to my favorite sweaters until next autumn.  

Even though I paint mostly warm weather scenes, I love the cooler months when I get to wear boots, scarves and denim jeans.  It seems most people will describe themselves as a "warm weather person" or a "cold weather person".  

How would you describe yourself?


Sarah S said...

Soon we will be into the beastly summer heat and drought with no promise of cooling rains to look forward too. I too prefer cooler weather and even the dreary months of Jan/Feb. Sweaters, a cip of tea, candles for cozy evenings and a fire in the fireplace!

Janelle Goodwin said...

That sounds lovely, Sarah!