Friday, January 22, 2010


Oil on Linen

This painting is done with the same color scheme as my previous painting in the last post. I feel the need to explore this color scheme for a while longer until I'm ready to move on to a different one.

Why do we as artists have our own favorite colors we use in a painting? I think there are probably many reasons, one of which is what we observe from where we live. Here in Illinois I've seen so many beautiful skies with these colors - orange-red/blue-purple. These colors seem to prevail from all the twilight skies I've observed.

I also had a vivid dream a few years ago, where I was walking in a painting of blue and orange. The paint felt like a water puddle in warm springtime. I've always wondered about that dream. Was it saying that I should paint in those colors?

I'd love to know your thoughts on what color combinations you're drawn to.


Manon Doyle said...

I really enjoy these colors you've been using! This is another fantastic painting!!
I feel the same way about colors as you. I get hooked on something and feel a need to use until something else strikes my fancy. Right now I'm hooked on dioxazine! I've used it in my three last paintings!!

Pam Holnback said...

Janelle, Another beautiful painting. I often paint several paintings, or a series paintings of the same color. It helps me to repeat and practice mixing over and over. Maybe your dream means that the Denver Broncos are your favorite football team! (OK, I'm from colorado!!)

loriann said...

mmmmmm.Another deep, resonating beauty.

Color is our friend. And yes, color expresses feelings on the deepest level.That's why Rothko could do those emotional paintings using only color.

Jill Berry said...

Such Illuminated "grace"!!!
And, I love the new face of Janelle on your profile pic! -sweet!
Interesting thoughts...that you remember what the dream felt like from 2 yrs some things stay with us.
Color choices...definitely a personal reflection. Today while painting historic houses, and noticing the colors I favor- aquas, I asked a fellow painter if she thought she was attracted to the the rusty southwestern colors due to spending her summers there...she agreed, "yes".

Anonymous said...

an interesting question which brought to mind what would happen if you were to use diferent colour combinations... would your heart still be in your art in the same way? would this beautiful piece still resonate in the same way?
my colours Janelle, i think i use a lot of blues and i blame that on school uniform wearing from an early age:))

Cara Dawn Romero said...

I love these paintings Janelle. As for me, I'm a emerald - teal - purple person.

Anonymous said...

Janelle, cant remember how exactly I ended here...but wanted to say I really like your tonal paintings...they evoke so much emotion and peace..strangely enough in a very complimentary way. your color palette for these last few pieces is just beautiful. looking forward to seeing more.

Robert Hagan said...

This is a gorgeous painting.. I like the colours,, and how they compliment each other.. Well done!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Manon, Dioxazine purple is a color I've been meaning to try. It's one of my favorite colors!

Hi Pam, You're too funny! I think they're the Bear's colors too!

Hi Loriann, My son has a Rothko print and I've always admired it. It has a real presence.

Hi Jill, I always love seeing the blues and aquas you use in your landscapes. You depict the lush colors of Florida. I also noticed your Christmas tree had these colors. So beautiful!

Hi Rahina, Yes, I think you're right. That a different color scheme would give a whole different feel to a painting. Blue school uniform? That's funny.

Hi Cara, Emerald, teal and purple sound luscious!

Hi Julie, Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome!

Hi Robert, I must go comment on your blog after reading about your views on art!

Celeste Bergin said...

Janelle, you've painted another beautifully warm scene. I must say...I never saw Illinois look like that! lol--kidding-- Illinois is a beautiful place. I imagine it is wonderful to paint a scene like this while the winter blast is outside.
I don't use any combinations per se..I let the scene dictate the palette. I like to change up my palette now and then by introducing a weird color (lol) Cadmium green is weird. Love your new profile photo!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Another beautiful painting Janelle. It exudes that wonderful calmness and seems to touch the "soul". I haven't quite figured out why we choose the colors we do. I'm sure that in some way it reflects who we are at that particular time. Or it just works with what we are painting. I am loving the combinations of Diox purple and transparent earth brown, or diox and cadmium yellow. (and some titanium white thrown in) It seems to allow for the variations of color in old buildings, and still let a little brightness in. Everytime I mix these colors, I get a little excited with the colors I create. (I know, it sounds weird) I'm also now trying these mixtures with cobalt violet. If we are passionate about the subject we are painting, I think the colors we love will naturally find their way in. Also, we mentioned earlier about "signature style"..and I think its these things that gives our work that personal touch.
We are renovating again, and so my lovely new studio isn't getting much use, but I am going to make more of an effort!

Betsy said...

I always wish I could paint when I visit your blog! ha! Each piece is beautiful. And your new profile picture is lovely you look! :)

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Celeste, You've had some radiant paintings, lately, I must say. Thanks about the profile pic. I thought it was time for an update.

Hi Catherine, Hmmmm, I'm going to have to try dioxazine purple with transparent earth brown. It does sound interesting - the warm and cool. Hope the dust settles soon in your studio and that you post pics!

Hi Betsy, I'm blushing, thanks for your kind words about the profile pic and the painting. Every time I visit your blog I wish I could come up with the artful gourmet dishes that you do!