Saturday, May 2, 2009

Work in Progress


It seems like I'm always painting lately.  Instead of completing one painting at a time, I'm working on several at a time.  The translucent process is one that I'm totally immersed in at present. I'm seeing glimmers of progress and am convinced that this is the road I want to take with my work.  

I've had several disappointing paintings that will probably end up in the bon fire as a sacrifice to the art gods.  But I've also had some paintings that show promise.  Who knows why we artists choose to take a different route after painting in a similar manner for years.  It seems that throughout history artists go through different periods of creating.  With me, it's as if there has been an irresistible pull in this direction.  

I'll be showing this painting again when it's been glazed and scumbled with several layers of paint.  


brian eppley said...

This is believable work. Keep at it. I'm happy to hear you also donate a few to the art Gods. Nothing like a barbeque of paintings!
Wish I was painting but so much to do. As usual it will be feast or famine.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Janelle,

This painting has such a wonderful sense of tranquility for me. I like it a lot.

I also enjoy your thoughts/comments about how artists explore other avenues in their creative process after a period of time. Lately I feel like I'm going through some of that with my fused works. I'm finding it exhilarating and it definitely sounds like it is for you too!

Can't wait to see more of your work.

Karen said...

I can't wait to see it as it progresses. It will for sure be a good one, because the fundamental design at its beginning is STRONG!

SILVER said...

i can imagine you painting and painting away to your heart's content.. it can be pleasurable.. but don't forget to get your rest and meals proper, ok!


Fábio Cembranelli said...

Love the shapes you've created. The main tree is excellent, and your painting has a sense of depth...!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Brian, Thanks so much. I know what you mean about feast or famine with painting. But sometimes I do my best work when I've been away from it for a while.

Hi Kathleen, I'm glad you read tranquility into this painting. I'm hoping all goes well with the gallery - I'm sure you'll do great!

Hi Karen, I'm finding out that with this process, the most time and thought needs to be spent at the beginning. Thanks!

Silver, Hi, funny you should say that. I was just thinking that I need to step away for the while to gain perspective!

Fabio, Thanks so much. I can't believe YOUR landscapes. They're amazing!

neetzy said...

Painting is like the legendary vision quest. (Joseph Campbell) I am convinced it is a journey. We make a lot of crap, mistakes, etc. As an artist I can appreciate your work in progress (BTW I don't think it's crap) I tend to "paint over" instead of sending to the fire gods. I learn something every time I paint. I hope I can make a good painting by the time I'm 90! Keep painting Janelle! We're all driven. (I think it's a more honorable and meaningful goal than improving your golf or bowling score!)

Jala Pfaff said...

I think it's one of the few things I'm finally learning, to follow what feels right at the moment.

This one's going to be great, I can tell.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Neetzy, I love your point of view, as always! I think I'll steal that term - vision quest!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Thanks, Jala. I'll keep my fingers crossed (but not while I'm painting).