Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Day

Here's Nicky, John, Ann, John and Me
All aboard for the hayride

Every year we have Pumpkin Day at my brother-in-law's farm.  He owns a 200 acre parcel of land and at one time it was actually a working farm.  All that's left of the original farm is the old farmhouse and barn.  We still call it the farm.

Picking pumpkins in the garden

On Pumpkin Day, everyone comes out to pick pumpkins and gourds from the garden.  The young kids love it and so do the adults.  For the past two years my husband and our friend, John Failla, have been running a hayride.  No actual horses.  They use a beat-up van to pull the trailer with bales of hay.  They pull their passengers down the roads and trails of the farm.  Everyone loves it.


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