Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeling Right At Home

I have been looking for the right gallery to put my work in for quite some time.  I found American Artworks Gallery last fall when my brother, Joel, told me about it.  He thought it might make a good fit and he was right.  This gallery not only has paintings, but also has beautiful handmade jewelry, textiles and many other original craft works.

This is one of my oil paintings sitting on a beautiful wooden ledge.  The building was actually a pharmacy at one time and the woodwork was part of the store.  It's hard to believe that a pharmacy was so elegant with all the architectural amenities.  My, times have changed.

American Artworks Gallery is located just east of Chicago and right next to Oak Park, Illinois.  Maybe you are familiar with Oak Park.  This is where Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio are.  Also there are many  of Wright's original homes and other buildings.  This area is an Arts and Crafts paradise.

My paintings feel right at home in this wonderful gallery.  That is, until it is time to go to a new home.  Thanks for taking these pictures for me, Joel!