Monday, December 27, 2010

Bringing the Outside In

I haven't posted much lately.  My method of oil painting requires drying times between layers.  This year I plan on painting several paintings at once.  I'll post on the progress of my paintings.

I've also decided to expand the topics on my blog to what inspires me to paint.  What is it that inspires an artist to pick up the paint brush and create on canvas what is experienced on the inside?  I've found that bringing nature inside nurtures the soul.  A few years back all of my windows were covered with shades and curtains.  I cringe when I think of it now.  My brother encouraged me to appreciate the beautiful Craftman style windows in our home and remove what was covering them up.

Now the outside scenery is part of the house.  How many times do I stop and stare outside now when something catches my eyes, such as a beautiful sunset or the fall colors.  Even Leo, our cat, enjoys the view.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nostalgic Time of Year

Every year as we go into the holiday season, I think of the To Do lists.  There is so much to be done.  Decorating the house is just one of the things on that list.  What surprises me every year is that I get caught up in the emotions of unwrapping all the treasures in tissue paper from well worn boxes.  Ghosts from Christmases Past.  Like the sleeping angel along with all the other angels in my collection.  So people know how much I love angels so I'm always receiving them as gifts.  I think of every person who picked one out for me and how much it meant.

My daughter Jessica made this ornament in first grade.  I can just picture her tiny hands gluing the macaroni on this one.
Mr. Goober - I named him that when I was four years old.

Eric made this ornament in first grade.  I love his sweet smile.  

My Dad decided to make paper ornaments one year.  I can remember him practicing on magazine paper to get the folds just right before moving on to construction paper.

This is truly a time when we're all drawn into a conspiracy of love.